About Wayne

Wayne Chaney personifies the contemporary spiritual leader. He uniquely bridges people from different generations, cultures, and demographics through his relevant teaching and spirited worship atmospheres. His rich family heritage of clergyman fuels his genuine love for people. He stewards a five-decade legacy left by his grandfather, Joe Chaney, Jr. as he pastors Antioch Church of Long Beach. Wayne’s determination to shift culture is permeated throughout his ministry expression, oratory and brand tentacles.

Wayne has never been satisfied with status quo so whether it is a national television show, radio show, church congregation, regional festival, or by feeding thousands of people every month, he is destined to make a difference. Chaney is the visionary of the Long Beach Gospel Fest, the city’s premier gospel event held on the beautiful shores of downtown Long Beach. This yearly gathering brings politicians, business owners, gospel singers, and over 25,000 people together for inspiration, worship and music. Beyond the gospel music, we are witnessing the addition of something new and wonderful to Long Beach,” he said to the Los Angeles Times.

As a cast member of Oxygen’s hit television series Preachers of LA, Chaney, his wife Myesha Chaney, and his three beautiful children Wayne III, Reign, and Cadence shared their lives with the world. Chaney has also appeared on Extra, Access Hollywood, Showbiz Tonight, Arsenio Hall, Access Hollywood, The Real, Insider, Boris and Nicole, Lift Every Voice and News One Now with Roland Martin.

He is a featured radio talk show host on Stevie Wonder’s KJLH 102.3 FM every Sunday. His weekly show Real Life with Pastor Wayne and Myesha Chaney” has generated considerable listenership because of its ability to tackle and address real life issues. 

He strongly engaged civically as the former President of the California National African American Network, SBC, Board Member of the National African American Network, and on the Executive Board of the California Southern Baptist Convention. Pastor Chaney serves on the Executive Board of Global Tribe International, whose mission is to rescue those in physical and spiritual poverty, reach communities with the gospel and recruit and empower young leaders. He is also the president emeritus of the Long Beach Ministers Alliance.


In the middle of a crisis, Wayne Chaney prayed, “Please do not allow me to live beneath the possibilities in You!” You may have prayed a similar prayer. We all have the inherent desire to rise above our limitations—above even what is ordinary or natural. Wayne discovered that God does use everyday people, but that the release of our miraculous potential begins with a passion to know God and clearly hear His voice. Jesus’ behavior always flowed from His intimacy with God, and He modeled this way of life for us, inviting us to follow Him into it. Imitating the life of Christ is not just a repetition of His actions but an adoption of the internal engine that allowed Him to produce His miraculous results.

While there are many great books exclusively on miracles, healing, and revival, Your Miraculous Potential is a how-to manual for releasing your miraculous capacity in all areas of your life.

It will enable you to…
• Learn to clearly hear and understand the voice of God.
• Recognize the multiple ways God speaks.
• Discover God’s will for you now and in the future.
• Remove the barriers that keep you from enacting His purposes for your life.


Honors and Awards

Antioch Church of Long Beach - Senior Pastor

Executive Board of Global Tribe International


PRESIDENT EMERITUS OF THE LONG Beach Minister’s alliance




Visionary of the Long Beach Gospel Fest for over 4 years (25,000+ people) 

Wayne + Myesha

It is not often you find two people that love God and each other as much as Wayne and Myesha Chaney. They teach, lead, and serve with unrelenting passion and true dedication. Evidence of their impact is written on the hearts of people, expressed in the scores of tears they have wiped away, and is noted throughout their many archived messages of hope.

When you think of relationships today, it is no secret that there is a shortage of inspirational power couples, which is why Wayne and Myesha Chaney are a refreshing breath of fresh air and simply put, exactly what millennials need as evidence that healthy relationships still do exist.

The Chaneys prove that when it comes to cultivating influence, two is better than one. Affectionately coined a favorite faith-based couple, Wayne and Myesha Chaney’s passion for one another, for helping people and most of all, for fulfilling their divine purpose have made them a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Although, both Wayne and Myesha have very separate entrepreneurial and philanthropic focuses, their brand as a unit is undeniably the one cherished most deeply by each of them.

In October 2013, Pastor Chaney made his television debut on “Preachers of LA,” a highly social and rated show on the Oxygen network that highlights the lives of six mega pastors through their personal and theocratic lives. On the show, the Chaneys were often admired and praised for their magnetic chemistry. The phrase “we’re saved, sanctified, and sexy,” they used to describe their relationship was popularized throughout the show’s airing.

The Chaneys proudly showcase their union and some might say, controversially promote their intimacy. However, they are devoted to living a divine life and providing an exemplary example of marriage founded on Biblical principles in all aspects of their life. They speak at marriage retreats, seminars and bible studies as part of their commitment to share their own experiences to encourage and motivate other couples to not just get together but to STAY TOGETHER. The Chaneys live what they preach.

Wayne and Myesha have three children; Wayne, Reign, and Cadence. They are dedicated to living a life of faith and being a genuine example of love for their children.