Wayne Chaney

Faith Leader

Pastor Wayne Chaney is one of the most progressive inspirational pioneers of our time. As senior pastor at Antioch Church of Long Beach, Chaney breathes new life into the world of contemporary worship. He is distinguished as a unique hybrid that blends contemporary expression with deeply rooted tradition; Chaney has gained widespread attention for leading Antioch through its astounding growth spurt as well as the national recognition of it being the next projected mega church.  Whereas Chaney is excited about the church’s maturation, he recognizes this success is primarily attributed to God’s favor as well as the long lineage of pastoral influences and the church’s rich historic legacy dating back over 53 years.  Wayne is the grandson of the late Dr. T.M. Chambers, Sr. as well as the late Rev. Joe Chaney, Jr. 

Urban Trailblazer

Chaney is a global voice that continues to touch cultures, ethnicities, generations, and communities around the globe. He prides his teaching style on what he’s coined as his ability to ‘intrigue the philosophical mind while relating the homie.’ Never resting in his calling, he has ministered to various congregations, conventions, and conferences in countries such as Israel, Indonesia, New Zealand, England, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, and Singapore. Chaney’s primary focus and personal doctrine is to be a vessel to create a culture of believers who are relentless in pursuing their spheres of influence in all facets of society. He is the new African American voice – a catalyst to equip people to go into the world and affect culture

Wayne Chaney


Wayne Chaney’s passion spans both inside the walls of his church and beyond as he is a seasoned entrepreneur, an accomplished philanthropist, a swank fashion icon, and a pronounced author. His novel “The Supernatural Life” is set for release this summer. In October 2013, Chaney made his television debut on “Preachers of L.A.” which is a crowd-pleasing show on the Oxygen channel that follows six heads of churches through their personal and theocratic lives. The show reaches an average of 1.1 million households each week as viewers are drawn to Chaney and his wife’s, Myesha, magnetic chemistry that they have coined as ‘saved, sanctified and sexy!’

Honors and Awards

Antioch Church of Long Beach - Senior Pastor

President of the California National African American Network, SBC

Board Member of the National African American Network

Executive Board of the California Southern Baptist Convention

Executive Board of Global Tribe International

President emeritus of the Long Beach Minister’s Alliance.

Visionary of the Long Beach Gospel Fest for over 4 years (25,000+ people)